Barn Burger® 🍔 Warszawa ul. Złota 9 | Zgoda 5

True story bro

All the burgers are prepared daily, on the spot with freshly seasonal ground beef of the highest quality - the Charolais breed. Our rolls are enriched by dietary fiber. We throw our own BBQ sauce, salsa fresca, chips/fries and coleslaw into the burgers. Steaks cut from maturing race Hereford. Homemade fries fried in oil – WE DO NOT FILTER – we exchange it. Just like that… And additionally we have soft taco with beef or chicken

  • Because of the virus (COVID), the barn will be closed until further notice.
  • 👉 New limited burgers from today in our menu and facebook
  • At New Year's Eve Barn Burger on Złota street will be open from 12:00 to 17:00 and from 13:00 up to 17:00 on Zgoda street. 1st of January, both locations will be closed.
  • Ho 🎄 Ho 🎄 Ho!!! 🎄 Merry Christmas !! From 24th to 26th of December, the Barn Burger will be closed.
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Złota 9

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 1200-2200 (order up to 21:30)
Sat: 1300-2200 (order up to 21:30)
Sun: 1300-2100 (order up to 20:30)


Warsaw st. Złota 9
Tel.: 888 222 750

Zgoda 5

Opening hours

Mon-Sat: 1300-2300 (order up to 22:30)
Sun: 1300-2200 (order up to 21:30)


Warsaw st. Zgoda 5
Tel.: 571 414 121